Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) statement →

Staff UK are committed to:

  • creating strong continuous business growth
  • ensuring that all activities are conducted safely by well-trained and qualified employees
  • acting in accordance with the REC Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct standards
  • minimising the impact of our business operations on the environment
  • making a positive difference within the Bolton business community

The following summarises our policies and procedures.

Staff UK’s Board of Directors have overall responsibility for developing corporate policies on social, ethical and environmental matters and reviewing the effectiveness of those policies. It is the responsibility of individual managers to communicate and apply those policies within their particular business areas. They are instructed to ensure compliance with existing legislation whilst maintaining, reviewing and refining our working procedures accordingly.

Staff UK’s CSR policies are communicated to all staff via our local communication channels and the Staff UK employee handbook. All policies and procedures are reviewed regularly and any updates or changes are communicated to staff.

Three key areas of concentration are:

  • Human rights, employment and ethics
  • Health and safety
  • Environment


Staff UK Human Rights, Employment and Ethics Policy

It is Staff UK’s policy to adhere to all legislation relating to employment rights and equal opportunities, with particular reference to non-discrimination.

We are also dedicated to upholding and promoting the standards and ethics required by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation – as well as our own strong business principles.

We ensure the following:

  • that physical, verbal or psychological abuse – or any form of harassment – are not tolerated
  • that any person with a disability receives the same consideration for recruitment, training and promotion on the basis of aptitude and ability and that we make every reasonable effort to accommodate their needs
  • that we pay wages and benefits which meet or exceed national minimum requirements and adhere to working time regulations
  • that we provide a safe, healthy and secure workplace and promote environmentally conscious business practices
  • that all employees are expected to behave with integrity, consideration and honesty and adhere to our standards and code of ethics
  • that we recognise the value of our own employees and our applicants and commit to provide appropriate training and personal development
  • that we offer remuneration policies which are designed to reward achievement and emphasise the importance of retaining staff
  • that we understand and appreciate that that local businesses and communities are closely linked and that we can have a significant impact on those communities


Staff UK  Health and Safety Policy

We recognise our obligation to safeguard our staff, clients and applicants through a scrupulous compliance with all relevant health and safety legislation and an equally scrupulous adherence to careful and vigilant work practices. We ensure that our applicants receive the most appropriate health and safety training, are encouraged to be vigilant and careful whilst at work and that our clients have taken the necessary steps to secure their safety and comply with industry legislation.

Our managing director has overall responsibility for our health and safety provision, but we encourage every member of staff to take a personal interest in achieving a healthy and safe working environment. A copy of our Health and Safety Policy can be provided on request.


Staff UK Environmental Policy

The directors and management are wholly committed to achieving a sustainably positive impact on the broader Bolton community in which we live and work. We believe that it is essential that our business should operate in an environmentally conscious manner. Our objectives are as follows:

  • minimising the negative impact of our business activity on the environment wherever possible
  • doing our best to work with suppliers who do likewise
  • setting a standard for our clients to emulate concerning environmental matters

Our most significant source of impact on the environment is in the use of electricity, water, fuel for travel and office consumables such as paper and IT equipment. Staff UK’s objectives are as follows:

  • evaluate our energy usage to see how it can be reduced
  • reduce water usage and waste
  • avoid unnecessary travel (use video conferencing and remote working) and encourage alternate, lower-impact means of transport
  • establish a paper-free office culture and control use of printers and copiers
  • reduce the need for paper-based correspondence and hard copy marketing materials
  • make use of recycled or FSC paper
  • consider environmental criteria when selecting services and goods
  • champion and promote a more environmentally conscious business model

We believe our commitment to environmental concerns can perhaps be best demonstrated by our sympathetic renovation of our current office premises on Mawdsley Street. We made every effort to retain as much of the original fabric and character of this protected building as possible – and maintained a low environmental impact by doing so. We were pleased to have been able to preserve and restore an important piece of Bolton’s history and charm.