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At Staff UK we fully believe that our workers are our ambassadors.

Our workers reflect the same excellence and commitment which has ensured our success and many of our applicants remain on long-term contracts or find full time employment with our clients.

We carefully assess each jobseeker’s work history, experience and skill level in a friendly but thorough interview process. We also take great interest in each applicant’s character, personality and appearance – and, according to these attributes, we look to provide employment opportunities which most closely suit not only the skill of the applicant but also their character. After obtaining satisfactory references their work eligibility is then confirmed.

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The success of our business depends greatly on the training and staff development that our applicants, and our own employees, receive.

Staff UK know just how important training is to any organisation – and we believe the return we can expect is directly proportional to the investment we make in that training. We are committed to ensuring our staff and applicants receive the most appropriate and up-to-date forms of training we can provide.

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We always ask for the same people to come and work for us because they know our business and do a good job. It’s great that we can do this.
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I’ve worked with Staff UK for about 7 years now and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. They have always sent the right people for the job in hand. Thanks Staff UK for making my life easier.
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It doesn’t matter whether I need one person or 100, I can always rely on Staff UK to make sure the right people come work for us.

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